Why start off with a hashtag for use of plastic? So I (Brenda Kyle (Green) can share experiences on social media platforms with people interested in self-healing techniques. Our environment is a contributing factor to health issues, cancer and chronic conditions. One full day; look around yourself and notice every plastic item you touch, eat from, work with, play with, and utilize for various purposes.


Why would one want to notice just plastic items for a day?


Because it is astounding and shocking to recognize it all at once! Then it is deeply disturbing to understand why I may feel sick and why cancer cells can develop from such a high level of cumulative chemicals seeping out of plastics from everyday items. I placed some of my plastics in a heart shape for Valentines Day 2018. The center contains some eco-friendly options I am starting to transition to. This is an idea I have learned from other "plastics experts" on a coalition to start somewhere; anywhere to replace each item, when possible. THAT IS MY PLAN to #BreakPlasticHabit

What caught my attention about chemicals in plastics?

  1. The rise in cancer as 1 in 3 people. Why?
  2. Is it in the food, water or environment?
  3. My health is out of balance. Why are the conditions compounding one upon the other?
  4. In November-December 2017, a close friend painted inside a plastics manufacturer. He experienced symptoms each time he worked in the areas open to the factory. He was well in the offices and closed areas. I wondered what chemicals emit from plastics and did his symptoms match the exposure? I looked up BPA (bisphenol A) and realized his symptoms matched the exposure.

The first thing I did was look at every piece of plastic in my kitchen and began to remove it! My Tupperware (R) was all pre-2010, so none of it was considered "safe" at all. I didn't want to push it on someone else with this new found knowledge; so I recycled nearly all of it. Overwhelmed. Feeling this is ok in the beginning and I am working on feeling gratitude for each change I make towards eco-friendly products. Yes, I am keeping my Kindle (R), cell phone and laptop for now! Pending eco-friendly replacements with zero plastics. That is the reality, some items are just not replaceable yet. It just makes it clear that reducing the use of plastics and time spent handling it is important and is beneficial to my health.


Brenda Kyle (Green)