Photographer - Michelle Evangelista, Etsy shop: MeyStudioShop. Location - Bali, Indonesia

Photographer - Michelle Evangelista, Etsy shop: MeyStudioShop. Location - Bali, Indonesia


Healthcare education and experience

I completed training with, Cate Stillman. Living Ayurveda 2018-June 30, 2019 and Body Thrive completed July 2019. I am continuing to add to my education in Ayurveda health and in Tarpana/Ancestral Healing. Prior work history includes working as a Sleep Tech managing patients with sleep disorders. Plus worked in Children’s Mercy Hospital neonatal and intensive care units in 2000-01.

Why I searched for ways to heal

April 2010, I fell at work. Both hands were full - coffee cup and lunch bag, so I didn't break my fall. I slipped on water from the ice machine, just like a sheet of ice. The impact made me feel like I was in a car accident, but I stayed at work. I assumed a few days and I would be fine again.  I suffered severe pain in my left flank side, low back and numbing pain down the left leg. I felt a lot of internal issues and tried to get them diagnosed - no association to the fall. I thought something else was wrong. Over a year later, a radiology doctor tried to figure it out. He asked, "Have you been in an accident?"  I was thinking car accident at the time and said no. I then realized the only thing that happened is that fall. The other problems were vague diagnosis of the problems, followed by pain management that wasn't managing much. Fast track to  2015 - I was exhausted from suffering with sever pain 24/7 with so many limitations and unable to work. This was a turning point.

major Depression set in

This was actually a medically induced depression, caused by a series of steroid epidural shots for pain in facet joints in lower back. Research backs that data, plus I never experienced it before. Even when life was extremely difficult.

I didn't recognize it for a long time, things just became darker, more negative and a big focus on what I couldn't do. After constantly battling the state of Missouri for Insurance coverage and another cutoff the program... I felt myself ready to give up. I wasn't living life, I couldn't imagine the rest of my life in severe pain. I was running out of options. At the same time, my brother was dying from throat cancer in its last stages. This is a very brutal cancer to handle. My father passed in 2005 from stomach cancer in its last stage. My brother passed in 2015 along with my mom's cat just a few days before his.



research began on what was wrong

What type of injuries do I really have? What is depression and how do you climb out of it? How does Yoga help? How is meditation a tool for reducing pain? How can others heal me, what methods? How can I heal myself? Self realizations and the path to enlightenment began.

flew to boulder, colorado for tibetan cranial

Amazing how healers you will connect with; begin to show up in life, once seeking them.