What started our journey towards a healing lifestyle? Pain, suffering, the need for alternative treatments; seeking purpose and spirituality. 

Perceptive Healings is our personal story from now, through apprenticeship to practitioners of Tibetan Cranial (TC). We are not the official site, only learning the ancient Tibetan healing arts. My name is Brenda Green, I have suffered from severe pain for over 6 years. The pain and inflammation of contributed to many more health issues, knocking my body completely out of balance. The treatments were causing additional damage and imbalances. I reached a breaking point and began searching much harder for self-healing techniques. While exploring a book on Vibrational Medicine, I found Tibetan Cranial. I immediately found TibetanCranial.org  and watched Shar Lee's videos to understand what it is and what it does. They offered an event to demonstrate, educate and offer a treatment. That was July 2016. 

I knew I had to go, not sure how (low funding, been fighting for disability benefits). This is where my daughter comes in, Erica Green. She wanted to to as well and paid for the majority of the trip. We had help from a few family and friends too. We traveled from Kansas City, Missouri to Boulder, Colorado.  

farro |ˈfärō|

NOUN a type of hulled wheat, especially spelt or emmer, typically used in salads, soups, and side dishes.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: Italian, from Latin, ‘wheat.’