How did I know i was on a path to enlightenment?

The day I organized my sock drawer! I never bothered to before that day!

Many changes have occurred since that day. I am working on myself daily. As I self-heal fully, I am better able to help other people heal from their hurts, injuries, illnesses and emotional traumas. Some of my daily work:

  • Body Thrive - Creating healthier habits, slowly and on a small scale
  • Yoga and meditation - even if it is just for a few minutes. 
  • "Shadow Dancing" taught by Derek Rydall. (working on negatives)
  • Living Ayurveda - Learning it so I can help other people
  • Organizing and reducing what I own in my house. Lots of donating!
  • Practicing past life review (it aids in healing deeply)
  • Practicing self-healing
  • Learning energy medicine.
  • Just being creative
  • Creating a podcast series on Podbean starting August 2018