Habit 5 - plant based diet


habit 5 - Plant based diet (doesn’t mean you have to be a vegetarian)

The first time I saw this one, I thought it means I can only eat Vegan. Now I understand it is a reestablishing our connection to our ecosystems. Plants are nourishing and an intelligence we can infuse our bodies with.

This is a great time to explore local farmer’s markets, garden on a small scale. Even if you are in an apartment, you can grow fresh food in containers. Learn how to sprout seeds and add them to fresh salads.

A deeper level is foraging for edible plants to incorporate into dishes, smoothies and green powders. It is nice to see more and more guides, book and cookbooks that cover edible weeds.

Share in the group what you eat, what you plan to try, explore. Share your visit to the local farmer’s market. Share pictures of your garden or containers or sprouts.

I shop at a Natural Grocer in my area, plus the many farmer’s markets. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri River Market is one of the best. The one in Lee’s Summit is great and there are often small ones in each town. Wednesday/Saturday’s are the common days they are available in a city square. Check your local city for dates, times and vendors.