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habit 4 …breath body practices

Step up your movements for 20 minutes in the morning. Take the low, slow blood flow and oxygenate what became stagnant during sleep. I always take three deep belly breaths before rising, and do different styles of yoga. You can go to the gym or use what you have at home to exercise. We have access to so many streaming services now. It is easy to pull up videos on tv, youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Giam or any other free or fee based services.

If you are like me, a beginner at “breathing”, learn belly breathing or Buddha breaths and do that for three months before trying other breathing techniques. What I mean by beginner, is I have had a lifelong issue with breathing normal. It has always been restricted, short, asthma, anxiety and stress that created abnormal breathing. Unless you have been doing yoga for a while, I recommend - start at the beginning.

Share how you get the oxygen/prana flowing in the morning or ask for some ideas based on your personal interests and needs. Add those discussions in our Facebook Group.