Are you performing healings now?

Only in practice while learning energy healing, Body Thrive and Ayurveda health (taught by Cate Stillman) through June 2019. Fall 2019 I will start the Ancestral Healing (taught by Dr. Daniel Foor, Ph.D)

How much will a session cost?

The Facebook group is free to encourage improvements among a community of people that are working towards the same thing - a healthy happy life.

Ancestral/Family healing sessions will be a group rate for this professional guided service.

What type of healing are you offering?

Balance the body. Illness and disease develop from imbalances in the body. These show up as subtle signs to long term chronic disorders. There are 10 Perceptive Habits to integrate that will form the foundation of better health.

2020 Ayurveda health services will be available as personal consults and growthwork to deepen the balanced body needs.

Quantum healings will be available in Summer 2019. These are to reach a larger number of people at one time. It is a form of energy medicine that utilizes our body energies to regain a healthy state.

Ancestral/Family Healings in practice, while learning in Fall 2019. Following training will be group guidance.


What if i don't believe in past lives?

As you already know, one doesn’t have to believe in this at all. In fact, the first doctors and patients didn’t believe in it either, it just happened. Dr Brian Weiss is a great example of that. Healing takes place by removing limiting beliefs and opening our eyes to new perspectives.

 Are you a doctor? no


how can i locate an ayurveda doctor?

Understand, the concept behind this ancient medical field; is to integrate it with western medicine. Resources: